Experience how easy PV layout can be.


One tool that takes care of it all - a complete PV layout finalized in 12 minutes.


5 steps and your extensive project report is ready.

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Complete PV layout

Your complete PV layout in 5 easy steps

Plan your individual PV power plant. Benefit from a large quantity of integrated tools such as Google maps roof (GRoof), extensive databases of PV modules and inverters. Experience total planning reliability by the integrated weather database, wind and snow load calculation by Euro code and statically proven components..


Calculate your PV project with leading edge technology

The automatic module positioning system considers interference areas and gives you a realistic view of your PV plant and its environment. Manually override for removing or adding modules according to your personal preferences. Consider obstacles and shading objects. Refine your planning for self-consumption with your individual load profile.


Extensive project report in merely 12 minutes

Forward the editable material overview containing all needed components for further processing or import it to your ERP system. The massive project report contains everything needed for your colleagues and your customers. Set a benchmark and leave a lasting impression.


PV Configurator startup screen
PV Configurator startup screen
Definition of project location
Definition of project location